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Immunofluorescence [IF] Staining (5-plex:DAPI+5 targets)

$200/slide (If antibody is provided by iHisto, an additional cost of $15/antibody)

Click the image to view whole slide scanning

Immunofluorescence [IF] Staining (5-plex:DAPI+5 targets)

5plex Immunofluorescence (IF) staining, which involves the concurrent detection of three specific target antigens, is a frequently used technique in biological research and clinical diagnostics. It utilizes fluorescent-labeled antibodies tailored for each target antigen, enabling direct visualization of all three simultaneously. Despite its established utility, achieving successful 5plex staining demands meticulous consideration of multiple factors and the implementation of various optimization steps.


Fluorophore options(choose five):
Blue (375)
Cyan (435)
Green (490)
Orange (545)
Red (590)
Far-red (650)
Infra-red (740)

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