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Immunofluorescence [IF] Staining (Single:DAPI+1 target)

$40/slide (If antibody is provided by iHisto, an additional cost of $15/antibody)

Click the image to view whole slide scanning

Immunofluorescence [IF] Staining (Single:DAPI+1 target)

MUC2 antibody labeled CY3

Immunofluorescence (IF) staining is a commonly employed technique in both biological research and clinical diagnostics. IF employs fluorescent-labeled antibodies to detect specific target antigens. It's a direct technique, allowing visual observation of the target. Despite being a well-established tool, successful staining requires consideration of multiple factors and implementation of various optimization steps.


Fluorophore options(choose one):
Blue (375)
Cyan (435)
Green (490)
Orange (545)
Red (590)
Far-red (650)
Infra-red (740)

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