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The Alcian Blue - PAS Stain Kit is intended for use in the simultaneous histological visualization of sulfated and carboxylated acid mucopolysaccharides, sulfated and carboxylated sialomucins and neutral mucins.


Alcian Blue, a copper phthalocyanine dye, binds acid mucosubstances. When used in a pH 2.5 acid solution Alcian Blue stains sulfated and carboxylated acid mucosubstances. Neutral mucins are stained with a standard Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) reaction. Neutral mucins are oxidized by Periodic Acid forming free aldehydes capable of binding Schiff’s Solution resulting in a magenta end product. Hematoxylin is provided as a nuclear counterstain.

Alcian Blue - PAS Stain Kit

SKU: i2001-iHi-APS-1
    • Acidic Sulfated Mucosubstances: Blue
    • Hyaluronic Acid: Blue
    • Sialomucins: Blue
    • Neutral Mucins: Magenta
    • Mixtures of Acidic and Neutral Mucins: Blue - Mauve depending on dominant entity
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