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TUNEL stain (Fluorescence or DAB)


Click the image to view whole slide scanning

TUNEL stain (Fluorescence or DAB)

Human breast tumor tissue

The In Situ Cell Death Detection Kit, Fluorescein, is a precise, fast, and simple nonradioactive technique to detect and quantify apoptotic cell death at the single-cell level by fluorescence microscopy and quantitative detection by flow cytometry in cells and tissues. Thus, the In Situ Cell Death Detection Kit can be used in many different assay systems.

Examples are:
Detection of individual apoptotic cells in frozen and formalin-fixed tissue sections in basic research
Determination of sensitivity of malignant cells to drug-induced apoptosis in cancer research
Typing of cells undergoing cell death in heterogeneous populations by double staining procedures

In Situ Cell Death Detection Kit, Fluorescein (Roche 11684795910)

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