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The Fontana-Masson Stain Kit is specifically designed for the detection and differentiation of Argentaffin cells and melanin in histological samples. This staining kit utilizes silver nitrate to selectively stain the granules of argentaffin cells, distinguishing them from other cell types. Additionally, the kit includes a reagent to stain melanin granules, allowing for the visualization of these pigment-producing cells. With a simple and efficient staining procedure, this kit is ideal for researchers and medical professionals studying neuroendocrine and melanin-producing cells in tissues and tumor samples. Trust the Fontana-Masson Stain Kit for accurate and reliable results in your histology research.

Fontana-Masson Stain Kit (For Argentaffin Cells and Melanin)

SKU: i2009-iHi-FMS-1
    • Argentaffin Cell Granules: Black
    • Melanin: Black
    • Cryptococci Cell Wall: Black
    • Nuclei: Red
    • Cytoplasm: Light Pink
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