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Introducing our Toluidine Blue Solution, a high-quality staining solution for histology and pathology labs. This solution is perfect for identifying acidic mucins in tissues and has been widely used in special staining techniques. Our Toluidine Blue Solution provides consistent and reliable results, ensuring accurate and precise staining for your samples. It is easy to use and can be conveniently stored, making it a practical choice for your laboratory needs. Trust in our Toluidine Blue Solution for exceptional staining results in your specialized histological studies.

Toluidine Blue Solution

SKU: i2006-iHi-TQF-125
    • Acidic carbohydrates are metachromatic (pink to red or purple). Nuclei and cytoplasm are blue.
      Connective tissue mucins, ground substances of cartilage, mast cell granules and many epithelial
      mucins are metachromatic.
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