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The Trichrome Stain Kit (Modified Masson's) is a reliable and easy-to-use staining kit designed for the histological examination of connective tissue. This kit is suitable for use in both research and clinical settings, providing consistent and reproducible results. With this stain, collagen fibers will appear blue, muscle fibers and cytoplasm will be red, and cell nuclei will be black or dark brown, allowing for clear differentiation of tissue structures. The modified Masson's stain is widely used in pathology and histology to aid in the diagnosis of various diseases, including liver fibrosis and heart disease. This high-quality staining kit includes all necessary reagents and instructions for convenient use and consistent results.

Trichrome Stain Kit (Modified Masson's)

SKU: i2026-iHi-TRM-1
    • Collagen: Blue
    • Muscle Fibers: Red
    • Nuclei: Dark Red to Black/Blue
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