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Alcian Blue Stain (pH 2.5 Mucin Stain)


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 Alcian Blue Stain (pH 2.5 Mucin Stain)

Alcian blue stains acid mucosubstances and acetic mucins. Excessive amounts of non-sulfated acidic mucosubstances are seen in mesotheliomas, certain amounts occur normally in blood vessel walls but increase in early lesions of atherosclerosis. Strongly acidic mucosubstances will be stained blue, nuclei will be stained pink to red, and cytoplasm will be stained pale pink.

​Fixation: formalin fixed, paraffin embedded tissue sections.


1) Strongly acidic sulfated mucosubstances: blue
2) Nuclei: pink to red
3) Cytoplasm: pale pink  

Leica ST5020 Autostainer w/ CV5030 Slide Coverslipper & TS5025 Transfer Station

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