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Tissue processing

While mineral acids offer a faster decalcification rate, their protocols are more time/temperature sensitive and processed specimens are not optimal for molecular studies. A recent report demonstrates that in this case, recovery of nucleic acids is dramatically reduced.

For this reason, we use of either EDTA as “soft” decalcifiers, as they are more suitable for molecular studies.

Bone decalcification


1) Tissue Trimming: Orienting, trimming, documenting the condition in which samples are received.

2) Tissue Processing: Dehydration through automatically and consistently process all samples.

3) Tissue Embedding: Processed tissue is enclosed in a solidifying embedding medium using a mold. We offer embed in OCT or paraffin wax.

Note: Please see the fixation buffer that we suggestion below:

1) Hartman′s Fixative: eyeball tissues  
2) Gendre's solution: Muscle tissues
3) Bouin's solution: Testis tissues
4) Alcoholic formalin: Breast and Fatty tissues 

More fixation buffer references, please see below:

Tissue trimming, processing and embedding (FFPE/OCT)


Embedding tissue into paraffin blocks supports the tissue structure and enables very thin sections to be cut and mounted onto microscope slides for analysis.

FFPE sectioning (with Fisherbrands superfrost plus slide)

Service--$6 / 2 sections / slide, additional $3 / section (with fisher brand Superfrost plus slide)

FFPE tissue may not be suitable for analysis native proteins, and generally is inferior for the types of genetic analysis, such as PCR, qPCR, or next generation DNA sequencing, that are becoming commonplace.  Frozen tissue, on the other hand, preserves the DNA, RNA, and native proteins.  However, frozen tissue archives can be quickly lost due to carelessness in the lab.  Frozen tissues are also less familiar to pathologists, who are generally more comfortable making diagnoses after microscopic analysis of FFPE tissue.

OCT sectioning (with Fisherbrands superfrost plus slide)

Service--Frozen sectioning with Superfrost plus slide ($8/2 sections/slide, additional $4 /section)

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